Erucic Acid Certificates

To download the Erucic Acid Certificate for your seed lot number, please click on the seed variety. The certificates for your chosen variety will then be listed in seed lot number order.  (NB this applies to seed that has been processed by United Oilseeds.)

Rape seed illustration

Seed Lot Numbers

16/CS/1121/0030 Download
16/CS/1121/0030 Download
16/CS/1121/0031 Download
16/CS/1121/0033 Download
16/CS/1121/0034 Download
16/CS/1121/0036 Download
16/CS/1121/0037 Download
16/CS/1121/0037 R/C Download
17/CS/1121/0009 Download
17/CS/1121/0009 no.2 Download
17/CS/1121/107 Download
17/CS/1121/107 Download
17/CS/1121/109 Download
17/CS/1121/111 Download
2017/00471/001/1 BIN25 Download
2017/00471/001/1 BIN26 Download
2017/01121/001/1 BIN 4 Download
2017/01121/001/1 BIN 8 Download
2017/01121/001/1 BIN7 Download