Our People

United Oilseeds employs some of the industry's leading oilseed experts. Our friendly team keeps a constant eye on the market and is always on hand to offer sound, impartial advice to members.

Chris Baldwin - Managing Director

Chris joined United Oilseeds as managing director in January 2004. Prior to this he was the managing director of Allied Grain (south), a position he held for 11 years. Chris is responsible for all commercial aspects of United Oilseeds and has an unrivalled knowledge of the oilseeds market.

Helen Casey - Financial Director

Helen joined United Oilseeds in March 2016. Helen is responsible for all aspects of United Oilseeds' financial functions.

Owen Cligg - Trading Manager

Owen joined United Oilseeds on 1st June 2009. Prior to this, Owen worked for Wessex Grain Ltd as the company's trading director. Owen is extremely well respected within the industry and has a very successful and proven track record in the marketing and trading of oilseed rape, cereals, pulses and oats.

Beckii Gibbs - Seed Manager

Beckii has worked with United Oilseeds since December 1995. She is responsible for the marketing of the United Oilseeds seed portfolio. Beckii works in conjunction with many of the main seed breeders to provide members with the best advice on varietal selection. Beckii is also a qualified oilseed rape crop inspector.

The Board

The United Oilseeds Board consists of six democratically elected Farmer Directors:

  • Troy Stuart (Chairman)       - Devon
  • Dick Hall (Vice Chairman)   - Hampshire
  • Andrew Cragg                     - Kent
  • Colin McGregor                   - Berwickshire
  • Ben Jackson                        - Lincolnshire
  • Robert Sullivan                    - County Durham

Local support

Our 11-strong team of area managers is the first port of call for farmers who want to know more about any aspect of the oilseeds market, from seed selection and agronomic advice, to guidance on when to sell a finished crop - all in order to maximise farm profitability.

Rape seed illustration