Pulses, Oats & Linseed


United Oilseeds have extensive markets for Peas & Beans in both the Human Consumption and Animal Feed sectors.

Our long term close working relationships give us both good market information and good values, which help us to maintain profitable returns from our pools and fixed priced contracts for our members.

Contracts available:

  • Winter and Spring Beans
  • Blue Peas
  • Marrowfat Peas
  • White/Yellow Peas


We have been trading oats in both pools & fixed price formats since United Oilseeds was founded. This has enabled us to have strong links with the main buyers of Oats in the UK.

With the volatile markets, a strong, long term relationship has proved invaluable, as we offer a consistent supply of quality oats to suit the market's requirements.


United Oilseeds has Brown Linseed spring buyback contracts available on request, please contact your area manager or call the Devizes office on 01380 729200.

Rape seed illustration