This year, United Oilseeds Group's excellent results clearly demonstrate the Board's continuing aim to build a stable and sound company. These results also help to explain why an increasing number of farmers choose to trade with the company. Additionally, they illustrate why farmers have confidence that their money and crops are in safe hands. This is a major consideration in the current volatile and challenging financial and trading environment. 

You can review our most recent annual accounts here: Group Accounts to year ending 30th June 2023

The key financial points from the can be summarised as follows:

  • The Group's turnover was £174 million
  • Profits were £1.9 million
  • The organisation's Net worth is now £17.39 million

In the forthcoming year the company's aims continue to be:

  • To continually improve the profitability of our members by providing an independent, cost-effective crop marketing service.
  • To continue with the company's policy of not applying capping charges on part-loads.
  • To continue to make a profit re-distribution payment to trading members when it is financially able to.
  • To continue to offer a produce of a hectarage contract for the benefit of our members so that they are not penalised for yield variations.
Rape seed illustration