Oilseed Rape Pool Marketing

UOM Pools Marketing - A Track Record of Outstanding Success

United Oilseeds is the market leading provider of oilseed rape marketing pools in the country, with the UK’s largest tonnage under pool management.

For over a decade, United Oilseeds pools have consistently outperformed competitors‘ pools, helping to deliver a better crop return to its member farmers.

There are 3 pool options for growers:

Harvest Pool

Movement July to September. Generally moved within 5 days of customer’s request

Long Pool

Movement October to March in a month to suit a grower’s storage and cash flow. More details here

Carte Blanche Pool

Movement at Buyer’s call, but generally between April and June. The Carte Blanche also attracts a £4.00 per tonne premium.

Key Pool Benefits for Members: 

All our pools provide key additional benefits:

  • Produce of Area contracts which are default-free (provided your whole OSR area is contracted to United Oilseeds)
  • No surcharges on capped loads
  • Draw down of payments at competitive rates to suit growers’ cash flow requirements
  • UOM members’ profit share on trading levels (including seed purchase)
  • Less worry and time by leaving your marketing to the OSR specialists
  • Key supply agreements with UK crushers and export markets
  • Option to place HOLL and HEAR contracts with a pool base price
  • Careful independent monitoring of analysis to ensure growers receive accurate bonuses that reflect their individual load quality
  • Dedicated marketing team analysing market data 
  • Carte Blanche - Top Pool Performer
  • Contracted crops are moved at Buyer’s Call from the end of harvest, usually during spring and early summer (April to June)
  • Initial Payment is 28 days after each load movement with pool top up and quality bonuses paid in July
  • Crops can also be moved at harvest with a storage agreement.

Farmers choosing to sell their OSR through the United Oilseeds Carte Blanche Pool have consistently achieved a sale price for their crop that exceeds the market average.

This is because United Oilseeds’ highly experienced in-house trading team has continually delivered a market and competitor-beating performance year after year.

Placing your crop in the Carte Blanche marketing pool is a proven method of minimising risk and avoiding dips in the market. The return from the Carte Blanche Pool will often cover your haulage and storage cost if you need to move at harvest and the interest on a cash advance.

It also enables you to escape the stress of continually having to monitor market movements yourself, as our in-house professional trading team manages the pool 24/7, freeing up your time to get on with other important tasks on farm.

If you would like to discuss pool marketing options for your crop with United Oilseeds, please call either your Area Manager or Trading Manager Owen Cligg on 01380 729 200.

Rape seed illustration