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United Oilseeds is the UK's leading break crop specialist and was founded over half a century ago. We are one of UK's largest farming co-operatives and specialise in the sales of oilseeds and other break crops to farmers. We provide highly successful crop marketing services for our farmers, regularly achieving much higher than average market prices. Take a look at the History page for more details.

Being an independent farmer owned co-operative, we strive to provide added value to our 4,500 farmer members' businesses, through a professional approach, from the selling of seed to the marketing of the crop. In the true spirit of a co-operative business we distribute a profit share each year when the funds are available. Having 57 years' experience and a network of area managers throughout the country, we provide a level of service and expertise which is the envy of the industry. See Our People.

The board, some time ago, set out a policy to increase the reserves of the company to a point whereby, a profit distribution could be made to our trading members as mentioned above. Over the last 16 years a distribution of £5.5m has been paid back to our members. With a net worth of £15.3 million and a 2021-2022 turnover of £173m million our strong balance sheet gives our farmer growers the confidence in our company. You can find out more about our financial stability here.

Lifetime membership costs just £15. See the benefits of membership or call your local United Oilseeds Area Manager for more details.

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Membership of United Oilseeds costs just £15 for life and delivers key financial advantages.

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