Volatile markets not for the faint-hearted

Posted: 18 Mar
18.3.21 Volatile markets not for the faint-hearted

Matif rapeseed prices have been volatile this week trading in a range from 496 to 526 euros. Signs of the vegetable oil markets cooling have led to some sellers and a thin market means prices are sensitive to large swings.

UK rapeseed sellers are few and far between on old crop with values holding well over £400 ex farm. New crop harvest prices have fallen but will still well bid in a range of £350 to £360 ex farm.

HEAR and HOLL contracts are being discussed for harvest 2022 with storage and good premiums available, please ring your area manager for further details.
Old crop feed bean markets are becoming harder to find as compounders now have good cover and export markets are not currently ready to show their hand. New crop beans are also difficult to place as, at quoted values, exporters are showing no interest and the value is expensive compared to other protein sources.
Oats remain the poor relation compared to wheat and barley, but their relatively cheap value should mean feed demand remains through the summer so any surplus is relatively small going into new crop. New crop milling oats are not trading apart from futures related contracts. The hope is that milling supply and demand are more evenly balanced for the coming season so returns are closer to other cereal prices.

This week, United Oilseeds made profits share payments totalling £320,000 to its trading farmer members. Our farmers co-operative has paid back £4.91m in profit share to members over the last 15 years. Speak with your local United Oilseeds Area Manager or call us on 01380 729 200 if you would like to become a member for just £15.

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