OSR Update March 2024

OSR Update March 2024
Posted: 26 Mar
On farm positivity for OSR

We understand the considerable difficulties faced by many arable growers this winter, particularly in certain regions of the UK where grain crops have endured waterlogging and pest damage, with some even being entirely lost.

However, amidst these challenges, there are glimmers of positivity. We've been closely monitoring the Oilseed Rape market, which has experienced a notable surge in prices in recent weeks. This has instilled a sense of hope across many farms, especially as some impressive crops are displaying robust growth.

Despite the AHDB's recent Early Bird survey projecting a significant decrease in the OSR growing area this year, there remain good reasons to be optimistic. Our confidence is buoyed by discussions with growers, observations of crops, and a really robust demand outlook for rapeseed and its derivative products.

In our efforts to assess the status of OSR crops following a particularly wet and demanding winter, we've reached out to several growers. Beginning in Cambridgeshire, we've engaged with three farmers:

Andrew is growing a couple of varieties including high performing conventional Acacia.

“I’m really pleased with how it’s currently looking. Drilled in early August with a bit of available moisture we’re hopeful of a good yield this year.” 

Mark is growing Attica:

“We’re happy with how the crop is looking. We planted with companion crops this year and it seemed to get up and away from the flea beetle.” 

Richard, growing farm favourite Aurelia is so far pleased with its performance saying:

”It’s looking as good as any other OSR crop I’ve grown in the past 10 years. Just coming into flower, we’re pleased so far.” 

Moving around the country and down into Devon, United Oilseeds chairman Troy Stuart sent in a couple of pictures of Attica which is looking fantastic. Troy commented:

“I’m really pleased with the progress so far and it looks stunning out in the field.” 

Comin back into Hampshire:

“We drilled later into September this year and the crop is looking very good indeed. We’ve had less CSFB which hopefully will continue.” Said grower Tim. 

Heading west, Roger in Pembrokeshire says:

“Despite the severe lack of sunshine over here, the OSR is looking promising for the season ahead.” 

Out into East Norfolk James says his crop of specialist HOLL variety V367OL is coming into flower nicely and is looking good. 

And finally, last but by no means least across the border, United Oilseeds Area Manager for Scotland  Andrew Milne commented:

“Despite the continuous rain most crops seem to have made it through the winter well and are starting to get away. Understandably we are some way behind the southerly crops, but the picture so far is good.”

To discuss OSR varieties and crop marketing for the season ahead please contact your local Area Manager or get in touch with the team at Head Office on 01380 729200.

United Oilseeds would be pleased to receive any pictures of your OSR crops as they develop. Please email pictures to [email protected] letting us know where in the country you are.