OSR Prices Continue to Rally

OSR Prices Continue to Rally
Posted: 9 May
Member Price Update

Prices for OSR continue to move in a positive direction as the market tries to adjust for potentially lower European supply in the coming year. 00 OSR is now close to or above £400 ex-farm in most locations, depending on the month of movement. With 00 bonuses, we’d be expecting prices in the region of £440 and for HOLL, ex-farm prices could even start with a 5 in front of it!

Managing Director James Warner Commented: “With smaller crops across the UK and Europe, the European rapeseed market is rallying strongly as it tries to buy additional acres to go in the ground this autumn for harvest 2025. Since the turn of this year, OSR values have been by far the best-performing commodity in the sector with futures prices up 10% since January.

“The market is sending a very clear signal and with the higher flat price, gross margins have significantly improved, which should warrant some further discussion around sowing plans this autumn. The demand outlook for rapemeal and rapeoil continues to be incredibly robust.”

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