Avoid Harvesting OSR at High Temperatures

Posted: 11 Jul

Monday 11th July 2022

Avoid Harvesting OSR at High Temperatures

With daytiime temperatures rising rapidly to potentially record highs, OSR growers need to take care to ensure their OSR crops are within temperature and moisture specifications: 

  1. Temperatures need to be maximum 25 degrees centigrade to avoid a cooling charge or potential rejection into store, deliveries to crush may get rejected if too warm. Growers should think about harvesting in late evenings, nights, and mornings to avoid high daytime temperatures.
  2. Moistures should be between 6.0 and 9.0%, up to 10.0% is easily dealt with on FOSFA claim or drying charge if its long term storage. Below 6.0% will not get a moisture bonus into store, will get rejected into Cargill mills at Liverpool and Hull, or face a claim if delivered to Erith.
  3. Immature seeds need to be less than 4.0% green when crushed. Red seeds are acceptable if they crush yellow on the inside.

Please call your local United Oilseeds Area Manager if you'd like further information.