10 additional benefits of growing OSR

10 additional benefits of growing OSR
Posted: 14 Jul
Growing Oilseed Rape, 10 lesser discussed benefits

It’s no secret that growing Oilseed Rape can offer great opportunities to farmers. Just look back to 2022 when the conditions were good, prices were soaring and demand for OSR was high. That was a bumper year.

Of course, it’s also not without risks, but what crop is? With careful variety selection and advice from the likes of AHDB and NIAB it’s still the best break crop option.

When looking at OSR for the coming season it’s prudent to consider all of the additional benefits, which together show that it is still very much a sound investment. Take a look below and see how the added value stacks up.

To summarise, growing oilseed rape can have its ups and downs, but the financial rewards more often than not outweigh the ‘downs’. Aside from the financials, it’s all of the other benefits listed above that are often not considered. When you start adding in this additional value, is there really another break crop that can compete?

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