Your Contacts & Information for Harvest 2019

Your key United Oilseeds contacts for harvest 2019:

Transport & Collection: Stuart Woodbridge/Kim Jackson Tel: 01380 724 757

Crop marketing: Owen Cligg/David Whyte Tel:01380 729 200

Contract Manager: Mark Barter Tel: 01380 721 826

Download Contract Commitment Forms and Passports Click here

Seed Purchase: Beckii Gibbs/Rebecca Crocombe Tel: 01380 725 705

Your Local United Oilseeds Area Manager: Click here

Switchboard: Tel: 01380 729 200

Load Deliveries into Stores

As per the TASCC code of practice, all trailers delivering grain to store must be sheeted /covered at all times except when loading or sampling is taking place. All trailers must have  a unique identification number (for example - T1), as well as displaying their assurance number (including ACCS/Red Tractor No.for ex farm tractor and trailers.)

All loads must also be accompanied by a combinable crops grain passport with an in-date sticker attached (no photocopies).

All information regarding requirements can be found in the TASCC code of practice, which is available on the AIC website

Erucic Acid Claims

The claim structure for OSR/high erucic acid deliveries into store for 2019 harvest is as follows;

Between 5.0 and 10.000% erucic acid           £15.00 /tonne

Between 10.01 and 20.00% erucic acid         £25.00 /tonne

Over 20.01% erucic acid                                  By negotiation

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