The farmer-owned oilseed specialists


United Oilseeds was founded 50 years ago and is the only specialist oilseeds merchant in the UK, specialising in the sales of oilseeds to farmers and offering a highly successful marketing service for the farmer. See History for more details.

Being a farmer co-operative, we strive to provide added value to our farmer members' businesses, through a professional approach, from the selling of seed to the marketing of the crop, and in the true spirit of a co-operative business we distribute a profit share each year when the funds are available.

Having 50 years experience and a network of area managers throughout the country, we provide a level of service and expertise which is the envy of the industry. See about us.

The board, some time ago, set out a policy to increase the reserves of the company to a point whereby, a profit distribution could be made to our trading members as mentioned above. Over the last 11 years a distribution of £3.85m will have been paid back to our members.

The strong balance sheet gives our farmer growers the confidence in our company.

Further details are available in Finance.

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