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Spring Beans are an excellent break crop that can be harvested just after winter wheat. The demand for high quality spring beans with low levels of Bruchid Beetle contamination is growing year by year.

Growers are encouraged to send crop samples to United Oilseeds for analysis to assess their quality and to determine if they are eligible for a premium payment.

The following varieties of spring beans are available from United Oilseeds:

Additional varieties available upon request*


Peas require very little nitrogen and as such may be the perfect choice for many farmers this spring. They are a very good break crop, and prices have increased recently due to a reduced cropping area.

United Oilseeds can offer a premium price for stain-free green peas. Once again, growers are encouraged to send a crop sample to United Oilseeds so that we can secure the best price on your behalf.

The following varieties are available from United Oilseeds:

The following Marrowfat varieties are available from United Oilseeds:

Additional varieties are available upon request*



*Additional varieties: United Oilseeds can supply a number of additional varieties. For more information about any of our spring seed varieties, please contact your Local Area Manager or call Beckii Gibbs in our seed office.


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