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The lessons learned over the past two growing seasons have shown that crop management techniques must be adapted in order to counteract changing climatic conditions. And the wet weather conditions going into this autumn will make it even more essential that crops are given the proper level of care if they are to achieve bumper yields next summer. ...
Don't give up on the idea of growing winter oilseed rape just because of rain-induced planting delays, growers are being urged. ...
Establishment is always the most critical phase when growing a crop of oilseed rape, with the choice of variety, seed dressing and sowing rate not only affecting how quickly or successfully a crop will establish, but also determining how the crop will need to be managed over the next eleven months. ...
Attention to detail is vital in ensuring good crop establishment and unlocking the true potential of oilseed rape. That is according to Stephen Goodwin of Home Farm, Marston St Lawrence in Northamptonshire who believes that paying meticulous attention to how his crop of oilseed rape is sown enables him to maximise the crop's profitability. ...
As the harvest season rapidly approaches, many growers are currently gearing up towards desiccating their oilseed rape crops. This year however, growers are being urged to give careful consideration about how to tackle this season's uneven crops in order to ensure that they achieve the full value of their harvest. ...
With the rising cost of farm inputs, particularly rocketing nitrogen prices, playing on the minds of arable farmers, some are wondering how they are going to safeguard their margins next year. For many, an increased acreage of oilseed rape may offer the perfect solution.
In an area of the West Midlands that was traditionally a stronghold for sugar beet growers, the bright yellow flowers of oilseed rape are beginning to shine new hope on the profitability of the region's arable farms. ...
Oilseed rape growers who choose to select a seed variety with a high oil content can boost their farm's profitability by taking advantage of inflated oil bonus payments. ...
Oilseed rape growers will this year be able to take advantage of a new selling contract that eliminates the risk of any losses incurred through defaulted payments. ...

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