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Vegetable Oil Demand remains strong ...
United Oilseeds is currently offering a buy-back contract for springsown linseed in 2011 based on a minimum price of £310/tonne making it one of the most financially attractive break crops. ...
United Oilseeds has today announced that it will again be offering a minimum price contract for linseed in 2011 following a successful 2010 crop. ...
The first year of direct Recommended List (RL) comparisons clearly shows this season's oilseed rape candidates are failing to outshine the leading Recommended varieties, believes United Oilseeds technical manager, Richard Elsdon. ...
Oilseed rape growers in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders will be able to enjoy improved access to the state-of-the-art crop processing and storage facilities at Coastal Grains Ltd in Belford after the company signed a long term crop storage deal with specialised oilseed rape marketing company, United Oilseeds. ...
United Oilseeds is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Wilson as its new area manager in Lincolnshire. ...
We can all remember the establishment problems of the autumn before last. Many crops were cultivated-up because they looked so poor. Yet growers who stuck with them were very pleasantly surprised at combining. Indeed,
the UK enjoyed one of the best winter rape harvests for many years. ...
Oilseed rape is at the top of the gross margin league table as the most profitable winter sown crop, returning a higher margin per hectare than first wheat according to Richard Elsdon of United Oilseeds. But growers must be aware that creating an oversupply by increasing their OSR acreage this autumn could result in a decrease in value. ...
United Oilseeds would like to invite you to join us on our stand, No 700a at Cereals on the 9th or 10th June 2010. ...

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