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2017 Harvest Update

Date Added: 09/08/2017

Harvest results from United Oilseeds members and customers around the UK

FOR SEED - 01380 729 200 Conventional, Hybrid, "00", Clearfield, Clubroot, HEAR & HOLL Varieties

14/07/17  Farmer Paul Neaverson cut his 38 ha of OSR at an average yield of 4.3 t/ha (5 t/ha on virgin OSR land) in South Lincolnshire. Crop consisted of Charger, Campus and Skye varieties.

17/07/17  Peter Sands cut 20 ha of his V316OL HOLL OSR at 4 t/ha in Staffordshire.

18/07/17  Ian Ralf at DJ Burge harvested 25 ha of their V316OL HOLL OSR at 5.2 t/ha in Hampshire

18/07/17  DK Imperial (Clearfield) yields 4.1 t/ha over 12 ha for J.Hinchliffe in Yorkshire

18/07/17  Charger OSR yields 4.7 t/ha over 14 ha for A.Humphrey in Lincolnshire

18/07/17  JC Lewis in Oxfordshire cut their Incentive OSR at 4.4 t/ha

19/07/17  Barbados OSR yields over 5 t/ha and Charger 4.2 t ha for Will Alexander in Kent
                "I am very pleased - it's the only crop I've been looking forward to harvesting all year"

19/07/17  Paul Starling in Oxfordshire harvested his SY Harnas a 3.8 t/ha

19/07/17  Matthew Read has cut 23 ha of Artic at 4 t/ha in Wiltshire and 21 ha of DK Exalte at 4.5 t/ha

19/07/17  Barbados yields 4.45 t/ha near Borough Bridge in North Yorkshire.

24/07/17 James Sanderson in Lincolnshire harvested his V316OL at 4.7 t/ha over 54 ha.

26/07/17  Nick Combes has achieved 5.4 t/ha with his Barbados seed crop over 15 ha at his farm near Salisbury in Wiltshire and says "It is the best crop I have grown -  its "7" rating for both Stem Canker and Light Leaf spot has proved an  excellent feature of the variety." Nick has also cut his commercial crop of Barbados, with a yield of 5.2 t/ha.

26/07/17 S and A Shaw have harvested their Incentive with a yield of 5 t/ha over 20.2 ha.

04/08/17 J Huntley cut his Barbados OSR with a 4.7 t/ha yield in Wiltshire

09/08/17 V316OL yielded 5.5. t/ha for David Roe in Lincolnshire. He is very pleased with the crop and says it was doing 6.00 t/ha in places.

FOR SEED - 01380 729 200 Conventional, Hybrid, "00", Clearfield, Clubroot, HEAR & HOLL Varieties

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