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Latest 2016 Harvest News from Around the Country

Date Added: 18/08/2016

24 Aug 2016  Barbados yields 5.31 t/ha for Wiltshire grower. See story here.

18 Aug 2016  Good results in Scotland reported with Incentive and SY Harnas yielding 3.7 t/ha.

09 Aug 2016  Charger OSR yields 4.5 t/ha for Shropshire grower. Story here.

05 Aug 2016  4.2 t/ha recorded by conventional variety Skye near Beccles in Suffolk from a
                       twelve hectare crop. Moisture 7.5 - 9%. Story here.

02 Aug 2016  Another good yield for V316OL HOLL at 4.3 t/ ha and also Campus yielding 3.6 t/ha,
both from growers in East Anglia.

01 Aug 2016  3.45 t/ha Barbados yield reported from a United Oilseeds grower in Hampshire.   

29 July 2016   Another impressive yield for V316OL HOLL: 4.88 t/ha at 8.5 % moisture from a 65
                        acre field, by a grower in Warwickshire. The yield did not drop below 4.2 tonnes 
                        hectare in any field, with average of 4.4 tonnes across total V316OL area cut to date.

29 July 2016   Barbados yields 4.7 t/ha for grower in Essex. Read story here.

28 July 2016   Positive reports coming in re good yields from V316OL. One grower with 4.5 t/ha in
                        Norfolk and one with a 3.8 t/ha yield in Leicestershire.

26 July 2016   35 ha of OSR cut in Long Sutton, Lincs,with an average yield of 3.95 t/ha and
                        moisture 7-8%.  Charger yielded 4.7 t/ha.

25 July 2016   40 ha of V316OL harvested in Somerset at 3.9 t/ha. Oils at 46.5%. Also 200 ha of OSR 
                        harvested in Suffolk at 3.4 t/ha.   

21 July 2016
   Campus and Cabernet OSR cut in Kettering, Northants.  Yields at 3.5t/ha and
                        quite a bit at 3 t/ha. Area cut 1500 acres.

19 July 2016   Two UOM members in Kent harvest their OSR with 3.5 t/ha yield, whilst one in
                        Warwickshire gets 3.4 t/ha.

18 July 2016   Two growers get an average yield of 2.65 t/ha from their OSR harvest in Sussex.  One in
                        Surrey reports an average of 2.5 t/ha as do two growers in Essex.

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