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Volatile market continues

Date Added: 22/01/2016

By Owen Cligg, Trading Manager, United Oilseeds

Rapeseed prices have been pulled between a volatile currency and a matif market that has been generally weaker of late.

The pound fell to below £1 = €1.29  before recovering to £1 = €1.32 on Friday.

Rapeseed values are generally weaker in sterling terms, trading £250 and £257 ex farm for February, whilst still able to achieve £250 ex farm in most areas of England for harvest movement.

General market conditions are nervous, as stock market turmoil and a volatile crude oil price is reducing confidence in the market. Soya prices are holding up well considering the strong dollar and Chinese uncertainty. Rapeseed crushers appear relaxed as they continue to use Australian imports and top up on the spot market. We have seen an increase in exports from the UK which will hopefully keep supply and demand in balance for the end of the season.



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