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Union Grain Appoints UOM as Crop Marketing Agent

Date Added: 21/05/2015

National farmers’ co-operative United Oilseeds has been appointed as the official oilseed rape marketing company for grain co-operative Union Grain, which is based at Orby, near Skegness.

United Oilseeds, which has 4,500 members across the UK, currently manages the largest oilseed rape marketing pools in the country.  The five-year agreement, which takes effect from harvest 2015, will enable Union Grain’s 37 members to access United Oilseeds’ Carte Blanche, Harvest and Long marketing pools, plus additional benefits such as penalty-free produce of area contracts, no surcharges on cap loads and flexible payment terms. In due course, they will become eligible for United Oilseeds’ profits redistribution, which totals nearly £3m over the last nine years.

Union Grain’s members will also be able to take advantage of United Oilseeds HEAR and HOLL contracts, which offer guaranteed premiums to growers.

Union Grain offers 20,000 tonnes of storage space for oilseed rape, feed wheat and beans.

“United Oilseeds is the only specialist oilseed rape marketing company in the UK and has built up an enviable track record in successful pool marketing for its members, said John Allen, Vice Chairman of Union Grain.

“We are confident that this new agreement will provide our members with the opportunity to consistently achieve an excellent return for their oilseed rape crops,” he continued.

Chris Baldwin, United Oilseeds’ Managing Director, welcomed the agreement, saying: “We are delighted that Union Grain members can choose United Oilseeds for their oilseed rape marketing.  Our pools have grown by 71% in tonnage terms over the last six years and we have grown to become the significant player in the OSR marketplace. 

“With the commitment of our members and the substantial crop tonnages we now manage, we are able to exert a considerable influence on the market through our crop trading decisions,” he continued.


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Notes to editors:

  • United Oilseeds is the UK’s only specialised oilseed rape marketing company.
  • United Oilseeds is a farmer-owned co-operative with a clear purpose to continually improve the profitability of its members by providing an independent, cost effective marketing service.
  • United Oilseeds has 4,500 members who trade their crops and purchase seed via the company.
  • Farmers can join United Oilseeds as lifetime members for a one-off fee of £15.

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