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Rapeseed values holding up well

Date Added: 21/11/2014

By Trading Manager, Owen Cligg


Rapeseed prices in England have mainly held at around £245 to £250 ex farm in most areas this week as demand is still steady for spot delivery. Chicago soya markets have been volatile but rapeseed values have only followed the recent dips and rallies at a distance.

Rapemeal values are firm for November and December which is helping crush margin values whilst rapeoil values are not really showing too much signs of improvement. Biodiesel margins are under pressure as crude oil prices remain low. However biodiesel demand is still good as diesel usage remains high and the fact the biodiesel is mandated means more biodiesel needs to be produced. This should ensure that EU rapeseed crushings remain buoyant but we are still expecting a large increase in rapeseed stocks at the end of the marketing year.






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