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2014 Harvest High Points

Date Added: 04/07/2014

Here are the latest OSR yield and oil results from United Oilseeds members and growers around the country...

Latest Yields:


08/08/14 Tim Westgarth of Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire, achieves a 4.57 t/ha yield for his Charger making it the top yielding variety on farm.

01/08/14 Tim Lamyman of Lincs sets a WORLD RECORD OSR yield of 6.14 t/ha with his crop of CHARGER. "From the word go, the crop always looked like a record breaker," he says. 

31/07/14 Mr Holloway who farms in Staffordshire has cut his Charger with a yield of over 5 t/ha. "I am very pleased with our Charger and wish everything performed the way it has. It outperformed Trinity and the older varieties we grow."

29/07/14 Andrew Elliott of Buckinghamshire achieved an outstanding 5.6 t/ha yield from his 15 ha Charger crop at a moisture of 7%. He is so pleased with the result that he will be increasing his Charger area to 162 ha this year.

24/07/14 D Pridgeon of Lincs achieved over 5t/ha yield from his Charger, which outyielded his Compass crop by a tonne/hectare

24/07/14 HJ Holden & Son cut their 22 ha of Camelot with a yield of 4.86 t/ha

23/07/14 AF Monk in Hants cut 54 hectares of Charger OSR seed crop with a yield of 4.8 t/ha - much better than anything else this year!

18/07/2014 Niab Tag have released first set of provisional WOSR network variety trials results. A site in Cambridgeshire reported Charger at 111% gross output, range 85-111%.

18/07/2014 Dick Hall of Hampshire has harvested his 24 ha crop of Charger with a yield of 4 t/ha and moisture of 7%.

17/07/2014 Tim Lamyman has recorded a yield of 5.4 t/ha from his Incentive crop in Lincolnshire.

17/07/2014 Jim Huntley of Wishford near Salisbury cut his 28 ha crop of Charger achieving a yield of 4.62 t/ha.

16/07/2014 Simon Harrison is delighted with his OSR harvest. Both his Charger and PR46W21 achieved yields of 4.9 t/ha.

09/07/2014 John Payne who farms in Cambridge has harvested his 20 ha of PR46W21 yielding an excellent 4.4 t/ha.

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