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Date Added: 04/02/2014

The United Oilseeds / HGCA Oilseeds OSR update seminar took place at  on Tuesday 4 Februray 2014 at the Northampton Marriott Hotel. Over 100 United Oilseeds members and growers heard about the latest factors affecting OSR establishment, cultivation and profitability.

Copies of presentations can be downloaded as pdfs below

Soil Condition and Establishing OSR - Steve Townsend, Soil First Farming

Efficient use of phosphate -  Dr Nathan Morris, NIAB

Life after Neonicotinoids - Caroline Nicholls, HGCA

The Truth about Hybrids, Conventionals, HOLL, HEAR and Clearfield - Dr Simon Oxley, HGCA

If you would like details of Owen Cligg's market update presentation, please call him on 01380 729 200


Richard Elsdon

Richard Elsdon has worked for United Oilseeds since 1979. During that time he has been involved in the early development of OSR crops while working as an Area Manager covering the Midlands. He moved to United Oilseeds Head Office in the mid-1980s, where his responsibilities were extended to include the marketing of pulses. By the late 1990s, there was a demand for a Technical Manager to combine the responsibilities of advising growers on OSR agronomy, inspect seed crops and also look after growers from Buckinghamshire to Herefordshire. He also writes a technical blog, which can be read on the United Oilseeds web site at www.unitedoilseeds/

Steve Townsend

Steve has worked for 33 years in agriculture and now owns and runs The Soil First Farming Company Ltd, a company dedicated to making farmer's more profit by improving their soils structure and fertility. For the last 15 years Steve has been working with farmers advising them on minimum tillage and no-till systems in the UK & Ireland. Prior to running his own business Steve spent 13 years with Monsanto, the last five of which he lead the ECOtillage project looking a minimum tillage for the UK within a partnership with Simba International Ltd. Steve is also a hobby farmer with 24 acres of Gloucestershire grassland and keeps sheep, cattle and pigs.


Caroline Nicholls

Caroline joined HGCA in 2008 and manages weed and pest management research. She has the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection and has also achieved the Rothamsted Post Graduate Award in Crop Protection. Caroline gained her degree in Agriculture in Agronomy at Newcastle University.

Simon Oxley

Simon joined HGCA in 2011, where he has particular responsibility for delivering HGCA's Recommended Lists and agronomy research portfolio. He graduated from Leeds University in 1984 and worked at SAC (now known as SRUC) in Edinburgh for over 20 years as a Senior Researcher, specialising in plant pathology. During his time at SAC, Simon worked across the main diseases of barley and was involved with SAC's practical advisory activities.

Owen Cligg

Owen joined United Oilseeds in June 2009 and is responsible for trading oilseed rape throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Previously, he was Trading Director for 10 years with Wessex Grain and before that worked for West Midland Farmers and Soufflet Agriculture. United Oilseeds' trading department has managed the most consistently successful pools in the UK, which regularly outperform other methods of crop marketing.


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