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Harvest High Points

Date Added: 16/08/2013

Here are the latest OSR yield and oil results from United Oilseeds members and growers around the country...


16/08/13 Neatham Farms Estate Manager Daniel Crawford has cut his 7.62 ha of DK Camelot yielding 4.55 t/ha at 11% moisture and his 7.14 ha of DK Cabernet with a yield of 4.47 t/ha at 9.5% moisture.

14/08/13 James Hinchliffe is delighted with his OSR harvest, cutting his PT211 with a 5.56 t/ha yield and his DK Camelot with yield of 4.26 t/ha, at his Yorkshire Farm.

12/08/13 Valerie Stanton, who farms in Lincolnshire, has harvested her crop of PR46W21 OSR with a yield of 4.76 t/ha.

09/08/13 Nigel Bright of Hampshire cut his 93 acres of Camelot with a yield of 4.02 t/ha at a moisture of 8.5-11%.

28/07/13 R D Colson who farms in Sudbury, Suffolk recorded a yield of 4.73 t/ha for his Camelot OSR (compared with a 4.6 t/ha yield last year). Crop area was 40 acres and it came off at 9% moisture and 46.00% oil content.


6/8/13 Haylock and Son achieved an oil content of 44.90% with their crop of DK Cabernet

6/8/13 Wix farms saw an oil content of 45.10% with their PR46W21

6/8/13 Wales Family Partnership achieved an oil content of 45.90% with DK Cabernet

6/8/13 Harlton Farms recorded 44.00% oil content with DK Cabernet

5/8/13 GM Wedd recorded 44.00% oil content with their crop of DK Cabernet

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