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Green Seed Update from ADM

Date Added: 09/08/2013

UPDATE:On 9/8/13 ADM updated their position on green seed intake with the following announcement:

"After a number of days seed intake we are pleased to report that we have rejected no loads at all for high Green Seed content. Indeed, we have seen very few samples with any Green Seeds at all and therefore have to date incurred no oil quality problems. As a consequence, we will simplify our procedures on Greed Seed and for all deliveries from Monday 12th August. We will remove any claims between 2 and 4% and simply reject any loads we find on intake that has more than 4% Green seed."


24/07/13 Due to the possibility of an irregular harvest, ADM has clarified its position on green seed as follows:

• All loads containing more than 4% of green seeds will be rejected.

• Loads containing 4% or less will charged as per the normal admixture deduction scale.

• The deduction will be charged separately to admixture. Therefore it will be possible to have a green seed content of 4% and in addition an admixture content of 4%, giving a total deduction from the contract price of 12%.

• Please note that the colour of the outer seed coat is irrelevant.

• ADM reserves the right to change these limits at any time without prior notice.

Owen Cligg, United Oilseeds Trading Manager, explains: "ADM has a claim structure for green seed similar to its admixture policy, i.e accepting green seed with deductions up to 4%. This is calculated as follows:

• between 2% and 3% is a 2% per 1% deduction, e.g 2.1% is a 0.2% deduction.
• between 3% and 4% is a further 4% per 1% deduction e.g 3.2% is 2% for the first 1%, then 0.8% for the next 0.2% = 2.8%.
• 4% green seeds therefore corresponds to 2% plus 4% = 6% claim.

There are no deductions at 2% green seeds or below. It is important to note that green seeds are not being added to the admixture calculation but operated as a separate claim structure."

Seed into Storage - United Oilseeds Green Seed Policy

United Oilseeds current policy is to take seed into our stores at maximum 4% green seeds.
Where possible, we can accept a higher level but it will be subject to a blending charge.


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