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United Oilseeds at Cereals 2013

Date Added: 10/06/2013

United Oilseeds will be providing visitors to Cereals with expert guidance and advice on the best oilseed rape varieties and crop marketing options for the coming growing season. Visitors to the stand will also be able to pick up a bottle of special United Oilseeds cold pressed rapeseed oil (whilst stocks last).

Chris Baldwin, Managing Director of United Oilseeds believes farmers will benefit greatly from seeking specialist advice before making their seed selection, particularly in light of the growing challenges they are likely to face this year. "Selecting an inappropriate variety of OSR might mean growers might miss out on higher yields and significant oil bonuses. Growers need to pick a variety that is ideally suited to their specific soil conditions and climate and will provide the right balance between gross output, oil content and maturity.

"Many growers will be looking to plant their OSR as soon as possible this year in order to reap the benefits of drilling early. With this mind, we expect many growers to order their seed on farm early so it is ready and available to sow the moment they need it," he continues.

United Oilseeds believes winter oilseed rape varieties that are likely to prove particularly popular this year include: PR46W21, PT211, DK Cabernet, DK Camelot and Compass.

Successful Crop Marketing

Growers visiting the United Oilseeds stand can also obtain information about the most effective marketing choices for their crop. United Oilseeds offer growers competitive fixed price contracts and a pool marketing service that has a market-leading track record of success. The company's Carte Blanche Pool for 2012/13 has achieved £388 per tonne before oil and admixture bonuses, whilst its Harvest Pool has achieved £370 per tonne before bonuses.

"This why seed variety selection and the crop marketing method you choose can be so critical to your profit margin," says Chris.

"Growers who last year chose a high oil variety such as PR46W21 or Compass and had their crop with the United Oilseeds Carte Blanche Pool, could be achieving around £425 per tonne depending on their individual oil bonuses. In addition, pool marketing helps protect growers against risk by "ironing out" some of the market's price volatility."

Farmers can also increase their profit margin by taking an easy step to avoid penalties and additional charges. As a farmer-owned co-operative that aims to improve the profitability of our members' businesses, United Oilseed offers Produce of Area contracts to members, which carry no penalty charges for over or under production. In addition, it makes no cap charges for part loads. This help protects growers' profit margins and provides peace of mind.

United Oilseeds Producers recently announced a record distribution of trading surpluses to its members of £345,000. This means that over the last seven years, United Oilseeds will have paid back a total of £2.2m to members. Membership costs £15 for life.

Notes to editors:

 United Oilseeds is a farmer-owned co-operative with 3,500 members
 United Oilseeds is the UK's only specialised oilseed rape marketing company.
 Farmers can join United Oilseeds as lifetime members for a one-off fee of £15.

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