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FFAs / Scotland

Date Added: 04/10/2012


United Oilseeds Marketing has become aware of a potential issue regarding levels of FFAs (Free Fatty Acids) in oilseed rape grown in Scotland.

United Oilseeds has made a single 3,000 tonne shipment of Scottish OSR to a crusher in Denmark. Whilst we are now aware there could be an FFA issue with the cargo, the level has yet to be officially determined by the contractual FOFSA test.

FFAs can cause oilseed rape to have a lower oil yield and quality. The subsequent cost of necessary remedial action by the oil processor and crusher can be significant.

The FOFSA 26A contract allows for rejection if the seed is over 2% FFA. If seed is found to be over this limit, a claim is usually negotiated. (A claim becomes higher if the result is above 3%.)

However, as a farmer-owned cooperative, United Oilseeds will negotiate vigorously on behalf of its members in the event of a claim, to ensure it is as low as possible.

Testing can take up to two weeks and, as a precaution, United Oilseeds will retain quality bonus payments until the scope of any potential claim is known. Providing any claim is not above the value of the quality bonuses, the balance will then be paid to growers.

Testing for FFAs is expensive, but United Oilseeds can offer its growers a crop testing service, provided a 100g sample is sent to our Devizes office. The cost is £35 plus VAT and postage to the FOFSA laboratory, per sample. However, it should be noted that such a test can only provide an indication of FFA levels, as they will change over time.

If you would like any further information, please contact our Trading Manager, Owen Cligg,
on 01380 732 313.


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