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Richard Elsdon gives 8 tips for late drilling

Date Added: 29/08/2012



The late harvest has put back the drilling window for OSR growers. Here's eight tips from United Oilseeds Technical Manager, Richard Elsdon, to help growers ensure they give their crop the best possible start:

• Consider increasing the seed rate by up to 10%.
• Apply 30 kgs of nitrogen to the field before drilling.
• Consider using up to 50kgs of phosphate per ha depending on the soil index of the soil, as phosphate is
very beneficial in aiding early growth
• Shallow drill - as rapid emergence is essential.
• Consider applying herbicide after the crop has emerged - because otherwise it will not have the 15 mm depth protection it needs.
• Don't drill in the wet. Soil conditions at time of drilling are of the utmost importance. If you can't roll after drilling it's probably too wet to drill.
• Consider applying slug pellets immediately after rolling.
• Don't leave it too late. As a guide, drilling oilseed rape after the 15 September is very risky in the North. In the South, you probably have until 20th September.


Richard Elsdon
Technical Manager
United Oilseeds


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