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Date Added: 21/08/2012

Lincolnshire Grower achieves 4.3 t/h yield from Camelot OSR: 21 August

Lincolnshire farmer Dean Wesley, of Washdyke Farms in Sleaford, has harvested his 11.5 hectares of DK Camelot oilseed rape with a yield of 4.3 tonnes per hectare, coming off the field with 8% moisture.

"I ‘m very pleased with my Camelot's performance, as it has stood well during the poor weather - significantly better than the other varieties I grew this season. The yield was also impressive, as it's clearly above the estimated average OSR yield this harvest.

"We are also swathing contractors and work on about 2,000 hectares of oilseed rape each year. From what I've seen, I ‘m very impressed by Camelot - its lower height made combining easy and it left a really good stubble that was neither too high or too short."

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Somerset Farmer Sees DK Camelot OSR yield 4.15 t/ha: 9 August

Somerset farmer Terry Miller, of LE Miller & Son, Higher Monkton Farm, Bridgewater, has just harvested his 12 hectares of Camelot OSR and obtained a 4.15 t/ha yield and 8% moisture over the weighbridge.

Mr Miller was impressed both by the yield and the overall performance of the DK Camelot, especially in view of the prevailing weather conditions.

"Camelot's an early maturing variety and happily this enabled us to take advantage of a break in the poor weather here and get it cut. I'm particularly impressed with Camelot as it has stood so well through the storms we've had."

"Camelot's good standing ability was in marked contrast to my crop of Sesame OSR, which is very flat and lodged so I'm not expecting it to do well at all. The Camelot has withstood the weather and yielded well, so I'll be planting it again this autumn."

Essex growers achieve 4.7 t/ha with Camelot: 1 August

With their OSR harvest now completed, R. Davidson & Son of Brickhouse Farm, Peldon near Colchester brought in an impressive average of 4.7 t/ha across their 12 ha of DK Camelot last week.

"It did have the advantage of ground which had seldom grown rape in the past," explains James Faulkner. "But, even so, we were very pleased with the variety's performance. Especially so as the 100 seeds/m2 rate at which we sowed it last August proved well on the heavy side for the conditions, with almost every single seed germinating!"

"Like Excalibur, the variety's earliness is a major advantage for us. We grow a lot of milling wheat and we simply can't afford the sort of harvesting delay we had when we grew late-maturing Sesame last year. Also particularly important to us in our perennial fight against black-grass has been DK Camelot's ability to cover the ground in the autumn. And, although leaning, it was easy to combine. It will definitely be part of our mix again this autumn."

Josh Stratton Sees Camelot OSR yield 4.4 t/h in Wiltshire: 30 July

Josh Stratton of JM Stratton and Co. harvested his 33.5 hectare crop of Camelot with a 4.4 t/ha yield and 43% oil, at his farm near Warminster in Wiltshire today.

"It was a good strong field with a standing and even crop that combined easily. I consider this a very good result and with Camelot being an early maturing variety, it's meant we've managed to get on and harvest it and give ourselves a useful time slot in which to prepare the soil for wheat."

GW Topham & Son Achieves 4.12 t/ha Camelot OSR Yield in Cambridgeshire: 27 July

Cambridgeshire farmer George Topham started harvesting his crop of Camelot OSR at 9 am yesterday, cutting 60 hectares with a 7% moisture and 4.12 t/ha yield. The average oil content was 45.79%.

"With the sudden spell of fine weather, we were able to get straight on and cut our Camelot as it's an early variety. It was standing perfectly and yielded four tonnes per hectare," he said.

Kent Farmer Andrew Cragg achieves 4.49 t/ha Camelot Yield: 25 July

Kent farmer Andrew Cragg harvested his 12 hectare crop of Camelot OSR this morning (25 July) at 8am with 8.5% moisture and 4.49 t/h yield over the weighbridge.

Andrew says "This is a very encouraging yield result and the Camelot was upright, low and easy to combine. Because it's an early variety, I'm about a week ahead of some of my neighbours who are growing other varieties and it's given me plenty of time to prepare the soil for my wheat."

Martin Pratt Achieves 4.3 t/ha Camelot OSR Yield in Suffolk: 24 July

Suffolk farmer Martin Pratt harvested his 28 hectare crop of Camelot OSR at midday on 23 July, with a moisture content of between 7 - 8.3% and a yield of 4.3 t/ha.

Martin was pleased with the yield and Camelot's ease of harvest.

"It was a good short upright crop and left a nice short stubble behind the combine which is ideal. Despite the recent weather, the combining was very easy. Consequently I‘ve already ordered my Camelot for next year."

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