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Verticillium Wilt found in Crop of Catana

Date Added: 24/07/2012

United Oilseeds has received reliable reports of a crop of Catana OSR suffering from verticillium wilt, in Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire. The fungal disease is potentially devastating to oilseed rape crops, causing premature ripening and pod shrivelling. An endemic infection can halve yields.

But this outbreak is particularly surprising, says Richard Elsdon, Technical Manager at United Oilseeds.

"Verticillium Wilt is a known threat to oilseed rape crops, but this report is particularly startling as the variety affected, Catana, supposedly has a high resistance to the disease. It may be that the prolonged period of damp weather we've been experiencing is a contributing factor, as verticillium wilt tends to occur at the end of the season, but this does illustrate that 100% protection against disease can rarely be guaranteed."



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