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United Oilseeds Growers Survey

Date Added: 16/06/2012

Top 20% of OSR yields achieve 5.5 tonnes or more per hectare


United Oilseeds has conducted its first ever survey among major UK oilseed rape growers to identify potential links between best crop management practice and high yields.

Conducted during May 2012, the survey gathered feedback from farmers all over the country and generated some highly revealing results.

The full details of the survey findings were released to visitors at the United Oilseeds stand at Cereals on 13th/14th June.  But key findings show that the top 20% of yields were achieved by farmers who followed certain crop management methods.

"Some very clear messages have emerged from our survey which reveal how certain key practices all seem to contribute towards generating higher yields," says Richard Elsdon, United Oilseeds Technical Manager.

"For example, one of the most significant findings was that the top 20% of yields were in excess of 5.5 tonnes per hectare or more and all resulted from using certified seed at the top end of the HGCA Recommended List.  Furthermore, all of the top 20% yields came from farms where the farmer used an accurate method to determine crop nitrogen levels in the canopy."

The survey also showed that 63% of famers surveyed drilled conventional varieties with only 32% sowing hybrid seed.

Other findings revealed that the highest yields resulted from well-fissured seed beds that encourage root penetration and drainage, and two to three fungicide applications during the spring.

"As a farmer-owned business operating in the interests of our farmer members, it is appropriate that United Oilseeds should be helping farmers to maximise their crop performance and our survey is a way of helping to achieve this aim."

  • United Oilseeds is the UK’s only specialised oilseed rape marketing company.

  • United Oilseeds is a farmer-owned co-operative with a clear purpose to continually improve the profitability of its members by providing an independent, cost effective marketing service.

  • United Oilseeds has 3100 active members who trade their crops and purchase seed via the company.

  • Farmers can join United Oilseeds as lifetime members for a one-off fee of £15.


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