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United Oilseeds Pool Deadline Looms

Date Added: 23/02/2012

Applications for United Oilseeds 2012 harvest pools should be in by 31st March 2012.  United Oilseeds trading manager, Owen Cligg commented that recent pool results had been very favourable and United Oilseeds have seen good uptake on the 2012 harvest pools, which were already exceeding the volume of last year.

With a volatile market many growers prefer to leave the worry of decision making to a market professional, and United Oilseeds are regularly able to show better pool results than the average price obtained by fixed priced sellers over the same time periods. The carte blanche pool for April-June 2011 movement was particularly pleasing at £346.00 per tonne plus bonuses, which outperformed other company’s comparable pools by £20 to £30 per tonne.

Also United Oilseeds are also able to offer the extra benefits of produce of hectares contracts, no capped load charges and a membership bonus typically worth between £1.00 and £2.00 per tonne.





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