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Markets in Turmoil

Date Added: 13/05/2011

This last week has seen oilseed rape prices fluctuate dramatically as various factors impact either positively or negatively on the market.


Currently prices have moved to the upside but uncertainity seems to previal.


Positive factors


  1. Dry weather in Europe limiting crop yields
  2. Wet wether in Canada delaying Canola plantings
  3. Recovery of crude oil prices from steep losses last week
  4. Risk premium in the market
  5. £ relatively weak against euro
  6. Potential delays in US corn and soya plantings

 Negative factors

  1. Chinese monetary tightening potentially limiting demand
  2. Effect of high prices limiting demand
  3. Some rain relieving a proportion of drought stressed crops
  4. Commodity fund liquidation
  5. Potentially large canola crops in Canada and Australia
  6. US corn planting proceeding at a better expected pace
  7. Commodities could be vunerable to further selling from nervous longs




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