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Oilseed Guide Offers Essential Growing Advice For

Date Added: 08/01/2010

The latest edition of Growing Oilseeds is now available from United Oilseeds.

The 20 page booklet contains a wealth of useful market and technical information regarding all aspects of oilseed production and is the essential guide for oilseed growers who want to keep abreast of the latest developments and issues affecting their industry.

The Spring 2010 edition of Growing Oilseeds provides an up to date review of the global and domestic oilseed markets, and illustrates that the demand for oilseeds is likely to remain strong due to increased consumption for industrial uses, with biofuels stimulating much of the market's growth.

The guide also contains an up to date analysis of spring cropping gross margins which indicate that oilseed rape remains one of the most profitable options for farmers wanting to include a spring sown crop into their rotation.

The publication provides details of United Oilseeds' recent announcement that it is to distribute a £324,000 trading surplus to its members and outlines the company's ongoing strategy for growth and expansion over the next 12 months.

Growing Oilseeds also contains details of the latest HGCA RL winter varieties as well as providing details of United Oilseeds' spring seed portfolio for oilseed rape, pulses and maize. The booklet also provides useful and impartial agronomic advice to improve the success of winter sown oilseed crops.

The booklet is available for download here:
Growing Oilseeds - Spring 2010 Edition

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