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Harvest Information

Important Information for Harvest 2016

We want to ensure that all our members and growers have all the information necessary they need for Harvest 2016. We hope you find the following useful.

Key Contacts

Crop Collection                 T: 01380 724 757
Seed Department              T: 01380 725 705
Contracts                           T: 01380 721 826
Main Reception                 T: 01380 729 200

Crop Passport Requirements & Quality Assurance

Each individual load of OSR delivered to a crusher, a store or a port must be accompanied by an appropriate individual passport

Each load’s passport must be original and individually completed (i.e. it is not permissible to fill out one passport and then make photocopies for remaining loads)

Each passport must have the appropriate quality assurance stickers affixed to them.

Crop Passports

3 types of crop passport are available:

- YELLOW passports for double zero “00” OSR and all other crops (except HOLL & HEAR)

- RED passports for High Erucic Acid Rape (HEAR) OSR

- BLUE passports for High Oleic Low Linolenic (HOLL) OSR

You can download and print all of these crop passports from the United Oilseeds Website here:

Crop Separation at Harvest

It is absolutely essential that HOLL and HEAR crops are stored and transported completely separately to “00” rapeseed. Please ensure all your staff, contractors and hauliers are aware of this requirement.

Crop Collection and Movement

United Oilseeds transport and haulage department aims to provide prompt crop collection and movement and does everything it can to meet growers’ individual requirements.  Each year United Oilseeds manages over 25,000 individual lorry movements on behalf of its members and customers.

Analysis and Results

Remember that if you are a member of United Oilseeds, the fastest way to see your crop analysis results is to logon to the Members Section of the United Oilseeds Website. You will need you email address and password)

Seed Purchase

Your local United Oilseeds Area Manager will be happy to provide you with details of our seed portfolio for autumn sowing or alternatively you can speak to our Seed Department direct.

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